Functional Health Consulting


30 minutes


Learn to create peace and balance within your mind and body. HealthX offers functional medicine health consultations to help you find increased insight into your personal health needs. The mind is intricately connected with the body, and without addressing issues like systemic inflammation and gut health, we can’t expect to feel optimally well. With fad diets and body dissatisfaction discussed everywhere we go, it’s no wonder people are confused about how to properly nurture and care for themselves. Learn what works for you in order to heal at the root level. This process aims to help you create sustainable wellness, mental and physical health harmony, and body acceptance. We utilize laboratory tests to identify nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicities, oxidative stress, and gut health status in order to personalize and optimize your wellness plan. You will receive feedback on how to choose the proper nutrition to feed your individual body and mind. In these consultation sessions, attention is also given to healing any possible foundational, chronic health issues. Contact us to ask how we can be of service to you in this area.

You can think of health consulting as sitting at the intersection of health information and behavior change. We have a working knowledge of diet, lifestyle, and nutrition. We understand how these contributors to health affect the body, which helps us understand and empathize with clients’ health challenges.

We also have the tools and skills to help clients build new habits and make lasting changes. This is what makes us unique in the healthcare industry— We are not just a source of information but a catalyst for transformation.