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What makes HealthX Superior®?

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As a premier wellness company, your health and safety are our number one focus. Our Full spectrum infrared saunas are the most effective and safest infrared saunas available. In the California EMF report published in 2002, the three scientists concluded, among other things, that “To one degree or another, all three of the DHS scientists are inclined to believe that EMFs can cause some degree of increased risk of childhood leukemia, adult brain cancer, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and miscarriage.”


 Truly low EMF infrared sauna is so important. The high electric and magnetic fields of other company's infrared saunas make them less effective by increasing the harm being caused by your present toxic burden, and reducing your body's antioxidant resources.

Do you want a low EMF and low ELF sauna experience?


Then our saunas are the way to go! Why? It’s simple, "Sunlighten" and other common brands do not mitigate electric fields, and their magnetic fields are much higher than our systems.

(especially in the M Pulse model, the only other commercial available saunas in Fairfield and surrounding counties )


As the whole body cryo industry continues to grow, it is important to note the differences in the type and quality of experiences available. We feature the only chamber of its kind in a 35+ mile radius.


Electric cryotherapy uses freshly oxygenated cool air to fill the chamber with no risk of exposure to harmful gas. Nitrogen cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to cool the chamber, which has a forced air-cooling effect from the feet up. Studies have found that with the whole body exposure there are more positive reactions which stem from activating the CNS, Among other systems in the body. 


With nitrogen cryotherapy, you have to keep your head and chest above the treatment area, as the chamber is full of nitrogen gas and it can be very dangerous when inhaled. The safe oxygenated environment allows for greater cooling of the whole body similarly to an immersion in ice water, as-well as full activation of the vagus nerve located in the brain, face, neck, and head.. Leading to greater treatment outcomes and results. This is simply not possible in an open top chamber.


Nearly all clinical trials on whole body cryotherapy were done using an electric chamber and not a nitrogen based system. Electric chambers are the future, featured in the hottest wellness clubs and celebrity homes across the country. Our chamber by Cryobuilt is the leader in its industry and for good reason.

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The “get rich quick” scheme is quite clear in the Red Light Therapy industry. Get some red light panels that you rebrand from Alibaba (maybe with a few tweaks), then start claiming your product is twice the intensity as the market leader, Joovv. (HealthX's Premier Light Therapy Partner)


     Unfortunately, many other light therapy companies like platinumled, mitoredlight, don’t share our belief in transparency and honesty. Too many brands are sourcing already designed grow lights intended for plant growth and slapping their logo on it.


     All generations of Joovv devices used at healthx, have been designed and built following medical devices standards. All Joovv products are independently certified and conform to technical standards put forth by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

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Seen in homes of the likes of Joe Rogan, Ben greenfield, Andrew Huberman PHD and multiple physicians and functional health practitioners. Our Morozko Forge is an ice bath like no other. The only ice bath in the world to actually form it’s own ice and reach true freezing temps of 32 degrees F and utilizing ozone the safest and strongest natural water disinfectant available, you can be sure your getting the coldest and cleanest plunge each and every time.

     Multiple studies now show temperatures below 37 degrees unlock even more of the amazing cold therapy benefits, including improving metabolic and mental health. Most other cold plunges (albeit there are very few in the commercial sector) are only reaching temperatures of no colder than 40-50 degrees and have trouble maintaining these temperatures with commercial plunge volume as well as less effective sanitation measures. We are the only commercial forge within a 150 mile radius.


Please take a moment to review a visual representation of our new membership options, we hope these new memberships will provide you with greater frequency and accessibility to our facility, in turn yielding even stronger results!

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