Frequently asked questions


How does whole-body cryotherapy work?

Cryotherapy is the exposure to subzero temperatures with the objective of stimulating a cold shock response, which then starts the body's self-repair process. The air inside the cryo chamber is fully oxygenated, 100% breathable air. There are no gases or dangerous chemicals inside the chamber to worry about. The chamber is big enough to comfortably fit 1-2 people, or more if you choose. There is room to move around in the chamber, stretch, dance, etc. and all are encouraged! This is a fully enclosed, walk-in cryo unit that allows your entire body, including your head (important) to be exposed to true cryo temps For the elite athlete in training, the weekend warrior wanting recovery, the post-op patient trying to supplement PT, to the person that is in chronic pain looking for an alternative form of relief. Even if you don’t like being cold, this process will rejuvenate your body, skin and mind, and you will leave feeling warmer than when you arrived.

What should i wear during my cryotherapy session?

You are required to wear underwear/shorts for protection. In addition, we recommend that women wear a sports bra or light tank top. We also recommend men wear atheltic shorts. We can provide you with a spa wrap for your treamtent. However the more skin exposure the better the treatment. We will also provide gloves, socks, slippers, headphones and a facemask to protect your extremities, nose and ears. Please bring your own mask, if you do not have proper ppe we will provide a mask for your treatment.

How long will my Cryotherapy session last?

Depending on the condition you are treating, our professional staff will recommend a session that lasts between 2 minutes and 3:30. No session is longer than 3:30. From the time you walk through our doors until the time you leave, it will generally take no longer than 15 minutes.

How often do i need treatment?

The chamber can be used up to twice a day, but this is typically only recommended for athletes on a very vigorous training schedule. Generally 2-3 treatments a week are sufficient for most individuals. Depending on the person and the condition being treated, it could take seven to ten treatments initially. After this initial loading period, maintenance treatments should be once or twice per week.


How does a infrared sauna work?

Infrared saunas mimic the same infrared frequencies emitted by the sun and the tissues in the human body absorb these waves. This process is called "resonant absorption", and it occurs when the frequency of the water in the body cells match the frequency of the infrared waves. When this occurs, toxins are released into the blood stream and are excreted from the body. Since the body is absorbing the heat and not the air, the body quickly begins to perspire and release the toxins. A traditional high-heat sauna can be as hot as 220 degrees and most people simply cannot tolerate such a heat for a great deal of time. Also, those elevated levels of heat result in dried out nasal passages, which can be inflamed and painful after being dried. Water was introduced to relieve this, but the fact remains that having heated air at that level is hard for the body to tolerate. The temperatures in an infrared sauna are typically 100-154 degrees, a much more tolerable (some would even say comfortable) temperature With benefits that go beyond simple detoxification, infrared saunas are an efficient and relaxing method that creates a more stable body and circulatory system; it aids in weight loss, reduces pain, and reduces stress. We are all grateful to the Finns for getting the ball rolling with the sauna, but the future is now with infrared saunas.

How do i prepare for my sauna session ?

You will have your own private room equipped with a private shower. We recommend getting nude or wearing as little as possible. Several towels are provided. If you prefer, you can wear loose comfortable clothing. Listen to some relaxing music or a podcast, watch Netflix, meditate, stretch or do nothing at all. You can bring a friend or sweat solo. Drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated pre, during and post your sauna session.

How long does a session take ?

All sessions are 45 minutes, plus time to shower and change. It generally takes no more than 1 hour from the time you arrive till you walk out the door.

How often do i need treatment ?

There is no one answer for the amount of sessions per week, but infrared saunas are safe to use every day. In fact, you will see wellness improvements sooner if you use it daily. On average, most people partake in 30-45 minute sessions, 3-4 times a week. Infrared saunas leave you feeling invigorated, not depleted like conventional saunas.


How does Red Light Therapy work ?

Just like plants use sunlight to heal and grow, our body is able to harness specific wavelengths of light and turn them into cellular energy. This, in turn, stimulates your body’s natural healing processes. In simplest terms, red light therapy works by charging your cells. Wavelengths of natural light stimulate your mitochondria, also known as “the powerhouse of the cell.” This helps your cells produce more ATP (adenosine triphosphate) energy during the cellular respiration process. ATP energy is a crucial molecule that fuels everything our bodies do. It’s often called “the energy currency of life,” and the more ATP energy a person can make, the better they can look, feel, heal, and perform. Red light therapy is a simple, non-invasive treatment that delivers concentrated natural light to your skin and cells. Treatments are quick and easy: all you have to do is sit or stand in the light for around 15 minutes, ideally every day.

How do i prepare for my session ?

Our Joov treatment is very simple, You will have a private room in order to change and prepare for your session. We use a Full body treatment device. *Clothing - Many Joovv users with full-body devices prefer to Joovv in the nude. Delivering natural light to more surface area of your body leads to better light therapy outcomes, but full nudity is not necessarily required for effective, full-body Joovv use. Lighter garments like underwear, bras, shorts, and socks may be worn without hampering a treatment, though the covered areas not exposed directly to the light won’t receive any benefits. * Makeup - You can still benefit from Joovv treatments while wearing makeup, but for optimal use, we recommend removing it and cleaning your skin so more natural light can reach your cells.

How long does a session last ?

Your red light therapy session will last 20 minutes.

How often do i need treatment ?

The short answer is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To get the most out of your therapy, consistency is key. We recommend once daily use. If you have to miss some days, we suggest at least using red light therapy 3-5 times a week. Sporadic treatments are similar to sporadic workouts; you may benefit that day, but for longer-term, full-body health effects, you need to be consistent.


How does Cold Immersion work ?

Cold water immersion activates the body’s natural healing powers that can relieve the symptoms of many medical conditions and promote a sense of health and well-being. And when practiced on a regular basis, cold water immersion can even provide long-lasting changes to your body’s immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems that enhance the overall quality of your life. While diet and exercise are often touted as the cure for chronic disease (and rightfully so), one of the secrets for achieving more robust health may actually be hiding in our natural environments: specifically the cold. Muscles, organs, nerves, fat tissue, and hormones all respond and change because of input they get from the outside world. Critically, some external signals set off a cascade of physiological responses that skip the conscious parts of our brains and connect to a place that controls a wellspring of hidden physical reactions called collectively fight-or-flight responses. For example, a plunge into ice-cold water not only triggers a number of processes to warm the body, but also tweaks insulin production, tightens the circulatory system, and heightens mental awareness. A person actually has to get uncomfortable and experience that frigid cold if they want to initiate those systems.

How do i prepare for my session ?

Please arrive showered if possible, You will have a private room for plunging and changing.

How long is a session ?

An ice plunge session is typically 3-5 minutes.

How often do i need treatment ?

Building cold immersion benefits into your lifestyle is a valuable step toward health and vitality, We recommend plunging as frequently as possible.


How does contrast therapy work ?

Our contrast therapy involves a 30 minute infrared sauna session, followed by a 3-5 minutes ice plunge. Small doses of high-intensity stress are actually really good for our bodies. this type of stress is called "Eustress".

Coined ‘contrast therapy’, the ‘stressful’ exposure to extreme heat followed by extreme cold has been proven to dramatically improve a number of health and wellness factors.

From improving our ability to handle temperature swings (reducing the likelihood of your immune system crashing and thus catching a flu) to improved physical recovery from injury and an increase in our mental and physical resilience.

How do i prepare for my session ?

Please prepare as you would for our solo sauna session. It is recommend you breifly rinse in the shower with WARM water after the sauna and before plunging. After your sauna and rinse you will proceed to the forge room, finish your plunge and get changed.

How long is a session ?

30 minute infrared sauna followed by 3-5 minute ice plunge. This full service generally runs around 45- 60 minutes.

How often do you need treatment ?

There is no one answer for the amount of sessions per week, but contrast therapy is a safe and incredible way to start or finish your day. As with most of our services it is highly reccomended to be used as often as possible, or as needed. You will also see the long term wellness improvements sooner if you use it daily.


How does compression therapy work ?

The NormaTec Recovery System helps maximize recovery for both athletes and non-athletes. Using sequential pulse technology, NormaTec synergistically combines three distinct massage techniques to speed the body’s normal recovery process: pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release. Through these mechanisms, the NormaTec Recovery System maximizes circulation throughout the body to help you feel better, train harder, and recover faster.

How do i prepare for my session ?

Not much preparation is needed prior to arriving. Comfortable clothing is recommended, and any jewelry and items from your pockets should be removed from the area targeted for compression. Your legs, hips or arms will be placed in sleeves and you will sit back on a recliner chair. The sleeves will slowly fill up with air and your limbs will be compressed and massaged in particular sections and patterns.

How long is a session ?

A compression therapy session is 30 minutes.

How often do i need treatment ?

Compression therapy could be used prior to or after a routine workout, sports training or high level competition. It could be used on a daily basis, but at least once or twice a week is beneficial for enhancing recovery. It is also great to do after a long day of sitting, standing or walking to improve circulation.