At HealthX Ancient Wisdom Meets modern science. Our Cutting Edge facility offers holistic, non- invasive, and evidence-based treatments to restore evolutionary vigor and resilience. Utilizing Extreme cold, heat, light, and more, Our services encourage optimal health and function. Our mission is to help anyone reach their personal wellness goals and to empower people of all ages to look and feel their best.



Born From Results.

HealthX was founded to help solve what's missing in modern western healthcare today. A proactive approach to total health and wellness, along with alternative options to medications and surgery. The modern approach to sick care and symptom management failed me, and it has failed my family and friends . My mission is to empower people of all ages to look and feel their best, to educate as many people as possible on these modalities backed by millions of years of human evolution and proven by modern science. 

I've personally struggled with many health issues for most of my childhood and early adult life. Autoimmune disorders, Hormonal imbalances, Skin issues, Brain fog, Gut imbalance, and more. These issues would end up affecting nearly every aspect of my life growing up. After exhausting many local physicians, traveling abroad, 100s of tests, and several thousands of dollars searching for relief, I was lucky enough to find a group of doctors and experts halfway across the country that began to implement the same modalities I now offer at HealthX. This would end up leading me to where I am in life today, happy, healthy, and thriving. 


Various modalities like Cold immersion, Sauna, and photobiomodulation, combined with a clean diet, exercise, and mindfulness practices offered me relief, and healing, and enabled me to hold a more grounded emotional wellbeing, optimal physical health, and higher realms of thought. 

HealthX is a superior wellness sanctuary built to help you seek total mind, body, and soul optimization.

Our cutting-edge facility offers the latest and greatest in alternative health technologies including Fairfield and Westchester county's only true whole body cryotherapy (fully electric-powered). We also feature the world's only Ice Forge that makes its own ice.

In Health,

Kacey James 


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